Large volume of public health data animated through time


Sports commentator narration


Augmented reality projection


Han Rosling’s 4-minute lecture on the evolution of live expectancy vs. income for 200 countries in 200 Years was marvellous.

I wish that there was a professor who could entice me on the power of analytics during my undergraduate years. It could have inspired me to pursue a graduate degree to become a data scientist much earlier. This video is an illustration of how a novel and colourful presentation style can turn a seemingly dull subject into a spectacular show.

Rosling also gave a similar presentation at a TED Talk back in 2006.

I truly adore his originality and his passion in changing people’s mindsets with his datasets deserve my applause.

So before there was Tableau, there was Hans Rosling. Interestingly, Rosling was a keynote speaker at a Tableau event.


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